During Women Steering Business' Million Dollar Year, our members chose to support our largest number of girls to date. Thanks to their generosity, 11 hard working young women received funds totaling a little over $195,000.

To join WSB and be a part of furthering the educational and vocational opportunities of girls like these, please become a member today.

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Kate Mullins - $50,000.00  

Reserve Breed Champion Angus

Channing Shields - $17,000.00   

Reserve Breed Champion Shorthorn

Laurel Kelley - $16,758.00   

Med. Wt. Reserve Champion EC=

Addison Kahlich - $13,680.00   

1st Place EC

Payton Dankworth - $12,600.00

3rd Place Shorthorn

Ashleigh Carlson - $10,990.00

4th Place Angus

Savay Sexton - $10,206.00

5th Place Hereford

Presley Sliger - $11,304.00

7th Place Polled Hereford

Grace Kennadi Hanlin - $10,868.00   

9th Place EC

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