Myka Blissard Reserve Grand Champion Steer Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Sells For $150,000!
Raised By Steve Elam | Sold By Jerrod Arthur | Sired By Thriller #BreedLautner

Myka Blissard

Age 14
Big Spring, Texas

Bidding was fierce during the Sale of Champions on Saturday morning, the finale of the Fort Worth Stock Show.

The reserve champion steer, shown by Myka Blissard of Big Spring, sold for $150,000 to the Women Steering Business group.

Blissard has no idea what she’ll do with that much money.

“I’m only in the eighth grade,” she said, explaining why the money isn’t earmarked for the education she eventually wants from Texas Tech.

Some of the money brought by the steer — named J.Z. — will be used to buy a heifer to show next year.

“We already celebrated last night,” Myka said. “We went to Del Frisco’s.”

Like Bob Marley, J.Z. will be loaned to the zoo for a year, then sold.

The proceeds will go into the war chest of Women Steering Business so it can buy livestock from other young women at next year’s sale, said Becky Borbolla, the group’s president and founder.

“It’s been a while since two young ladies have been at the top, and we wanted to support one of them,” Borbolla said. “We have a few other girls we’re watching today.”

By Punch Shaw

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