2017-2018 Members

As of February 2018

Founded January 7, 2013 and now in its sizth year, WSB has more than tripled its membership and contributed over a million dollars to the Fort Worth Stock Show Junior Sale of Champions, resulting in the purchase of the 2015 and 2016 Reserve Grand Champions, and in 2017, the purchase of the Grand Champion.

Our sale purchases would not be possible without the enthusiasm and support of our valuable members. Thank you to all who helped make this a record-breaking organization!

Generous corporate and community partners come alongside our members each year to support our program of work. Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth, The Capital Grille, Bank of Texas, the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame and more help to make sure the support of our members goes directly to support future female business leaders.

Circle of Champions

Karen Anfin
Karen Jasper
Melinda Johnston
Elizabeth Patterson
Becky Renfro-Borbolla
Mindy Shearer-Pfeil


Reggi Kemp
Sandra McGlothlin
Darlene Mead
Mary Whigham
Barbara Williams


Nancy Carter
Janet Hahn
Anne Holland
Stephanie Horst
Lezlee Liljenberg
Susan Medina
Belinda Oman
Amy Petrilla
Pam Presswood
Betsy Price
Elizabeth Trout
Amber Weitzer


Marilyn Ackmann
Susan Adams
Fiona Allen
Lori Baldock
Mechelle Bates
Sheri Beatty
Pamela Black
Denise Browning
Kim Carter
Tina Castillo
Debra Coffey
Denise Dillow
Peggy Douglas
Beth Driskell
Carol Drummond
Christie Eckler
Mindy Ellmer

$1,000+, Continued

Martha Franklin
Debbie Fulwiler
Shirlee Gandy
Linda Garcia
Cathy Garrison
Shannon Greene
Cindy Greenwood
Nancy Jones
Sharon Leite
Diana Loucks
MaryBeth Millett
Kit Moncrief
Rebecca Montgomery
Nancy Newton
Mary Palko
Victoria Powell
Becky Redman
Lisa Segelquist
Barbara Shearer
Sandra Shoemaker
Tara Stark
Lei Testa
Jerri Watt
Julie Wilson
Donna Young


Pamela Acker
Nancy Amos
Jennifer Baggs
Lazelle Benefield
Sue Ann Berend
Sano Blocker
Becky Brooks
Charla Brotheron
Deb Cantrell
Janet Capua
Tiffany Cason
Shanna Cate
Linda Christie
Patrica Cole
Belinda Cooper
Kathryn Copeland
Ana Coscia
Cortney Craft
Norma Crow
Lindsay Daniel
Cathy David
Pam Drenner
Terri Ellis
Cas Finlay
Laura Gonzales
Melissa Goodroe

$500+, Continued

Lori Gordon
Robin Greenhaw
Lori Griffith

Jenny Gruber
Lisa Gunter
Gwendolyn Harper
Tina Hearne
Catherine Hees
Jamie Holderby
Ashley House
Julie Howell
Deloris Hummel
Lesley Irwin
Sarah Jackson
Julie Johncox
Julie Jones
Nina Knight
Harva Kuykendall
Angela Lamb
MaryBeth Lampe
Darla Lorenson
Jenny Lynch
Diane Madlin-Wright
Cheryl McGlothlin Chapman
Angie McIrvin
Jill McKean
MaryAnn Means-Dufrene
Sara Metzinger
Brandy Minick
Taylor Mitchell
Carley Moore
Carolann Morris
Carol Murray
Carole O'Connell
Leslie Oliver
Mattie Parker
Jessica Phillips
Valerie Riefensthal
Jane Schlansker
Robyn Scott
T. Sears
Melinda Siegmund
Nicole Stanley
Jan Titsworth
Susan Wood
Michele Woodham
Judy Youngs

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